Walter Gilbert, PhD

Walter Gilbert has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in photography and digital art.

Gifted with a creative mind, Dr. Gilbert has thrived in both science and art. He felt drawn to science as a child because of the exciting nature of the field; it’s constantly changing and furthering the human understanding of the world. Dr. Gilbert knew he had to be part of that process, so he became a theoretical physicist and professor at Harvard University. During his time there, however, he became fascinated by molecular biology and biochemistry. His willingness to experiment and learn from failures served him well; over the next five decades, he established himself as an innovator and educator. The culmination of his scientific endeavors was his involvement in Discovery Messenger RNA. Dr. Gilbert worked out the control mechanism, the lactose repressor, which was one of the first controlled proteins ever identified. The discovery led to a method of DNA sequencing for which he received the Nobel Prize. It also led to the complete human genome.

Dr. Gilbert stepped down from his place at Harvard University in 2005, when he accepted the distinguished title of Carl M. Loeb university professor emeritus. He wanted to have more time to focus on his other passion: art. Dr. Gilbert worked just as hard to make his mark on his new field, and is now recognized for creating colorful, large digital photographs that stress form, texture, and space. The images exemplify his “search for a three-dimensional effect on a two-dimensional surface,” as well as his desire to create “depth beyond the picture plane,” mystery, and both an emotional and aesthetic impact. Some of Dr. Gilbert’s most recent shows include “Journeying” at AGH University in Krakow, Poland, “Jacob’s Ladders” at the Khaki Gallery in Boston, “Broken Image” at Viridian Artist in New York City, and “Patterns & Recognition” at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.

To prepare for his endeavors, Dr. Gilbert earned a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry and physics and a Master of Arts in physics from Harvard University in 1953 and 1954, respectively. He also obtained a PhD in mathematics from Cambridge University in 1957. In recognition of his efforts, he was granted honorary doctor of sciences from the University of Chicago, Columbia University, the University of Rochester, and Yeshiva University. From October 10 to October 13, 2019, Dr. Gilbert will have his work on display at Booth #207 at the San Diego Convention Center. Those interested should contact for more information. The below links feature Dr. Gilbert’s website, artwork and scarves as well as information about the upcoming art show.

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