Bernard Rosenberg

Title: Owner
Company: Olana Gallery
Location: Brewster, New York, United States

Bernard Rosenberg, Owner of Olana Gallery, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Artists for dedication, achievements, and leadership in Fine Arts.

As a business owner and jewelry designer, Mr. Rosenberg’s two pieces were featured in the book, “Collectible Silver Jewelry.” Ten percent of the Crystal Bridges Museum Collection was built by his hands. He is the second person to ever issue a catalog on American art in America, and was acknowledged by the National Gallery of Art in 2008. Mr. Rosenberg also offers appraisal services for rare items and American art. He feels having a great memory has allowed him to build great collections, and has a lot of passion for his work.

In addition to his work as an artist, Mr. Rosenberg was formerly employed by Metromedia and Interior Design Magazine as a space salesman. He holds an AA from the City College of New York, and has been acknowledged for his work, “The Life of Luigi Lucioni,” documenting the Italian American painter known for still life, landscapes, and portraiture. Mr. Rosenberg has been instrumental in building numerous collections, including the Stuart P. Embury Collection. Mr. Rosenberg was acknowledged with the Edward & Debra Shiens Collection of Modernism, which was shown at the National Gallery of Art in 2008.

The Olana Gallery began as Mr. Rosenberg’s personal collection of 550 items. Building on his former hobby, Mr. Rosenberg’s business launched in 1971 and now offers a vast collection of American art books and catalogs, a must-see destination for both scholars and casual admirers of American art. At Olana Gallery, Mr. Rosenberg’s wares consist of records of over 35 thousand American art books that have passed through his collection, including 14 thousand books and catalogs in stock at any given time. A cursory glance at the stacks of Olana Gallery reveals African American monographs, American Western art, and books printed before 1939, true antiquities filled with beautiful artworks.

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